1、 Features and main uses:

          Tianrun TR-1603 is an unsaturated polyester resin (modified) mainly composed of phthalic anhydride and standard diols, which is soluble in styrene. It has low viscosity and high reactivity, excellent flame retardancy, light resistance, water resistance, and weather resistance. After curing, it has high mechanical properties and hardness. Especially suitable for FRP products with high requirements for transparency, light resistance, water resistance, and weather resistance.

          ProjectUnitTest indicatorsTest method
          Appearance-Transparent blue viscous liquidGB/T8237.6.1.1
          ViscosityPa·s0.16-0.2GB/T 7193-2008
          Acid ValuemgKOH/g14-25GB/T 2895-2008
          Gel timeMin(25℃)8-10GB/T 7193-2008
          StabilityH(80℃)≥24GB/T 7193-2008

          Note: 25 ℃ gel time test: add 1ml curing agent M-55 and 2ml accelerator RCA to 50g resin in 25 ℃ water bath.

          2、 Physical properties of the casting body (for reference only):

          ProjectUnitTest PerformanceTest Method
          Casting Body

          Tensile strength


          Tensile modulus of elasticity

          Elongation at break%≥2.0GB/T2567-2008
          Bending strengthMPa≥65GB/T2567-2008
          Flexural elastic modulusMPa≥4000GB/T2567-2008
          Thermal deformation temperature≥80GB/T1634-2004
          Bacor hardness-≥45GB/T3854-2005

          Note: 1) Casting system sample method according to GB/T8237-2005; Temperature 25℃, curing system: accelerator RCA 1.0%, curing agent M-50 1.5%.

                    2) Curing after casting: room temperature ×24 hours +60℃×3 hours +80℃×2 hours;


          1. Stir well in the packaging bucket before use, or pour out all the resin in the packaging bucket and stir well before use.

          2. The transportation shall comply with the transportation and loading provisions of chemical dangerous goods in Chapter 5 of the Regulations on the Safety Administration of Chemical Dangerous Goods of The State Council. The product should be stored in a cool place below 25℃, avoid fire, isolate heat source, and the shelf life below 25℃ is 3 months.

          4、Product Safety Data (MSDS) : Before using this product, be sure to read this product MSDS in detail.



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